As established in article 3 of our statutes, the aims we pursue are: 
  • Cooperate for the development of populations living below the poverty line, 
    reducing their vulnerability and contributing to their own social strengthening for the attainment of their social welfare, through activities related to the objectives and principles of international cooperation.
  • Reduce and control the factors that determine the vulnerability to malnutrition 
    and the proliferation of diseases in socially unprotected populations, especially in childhood.
  • Contribute to alleviate situations of extreme need in fragile and disadvantaged populations and increase the capacities of responses to natural catastrophes in especially vulnerable populations.
  • Contribute to the peaceful coexistence of the population, helping to reduce situations of inequality, especially in situations of gender inequalities and related to the defense of children’s rights. 
  • Promote the development of international and local volunteering, through  specific volunteer programs. Investigate the reality of socially vulnerable populations for the discovery of factors that directly affect the welfare of the population and for the direct application of the results in the intervention in the field.
  • Promote opportunities for the development of disadvantaged populations  through education and training for employment and for the use of natural resources, within the rural environment, taking into account principies of  environmental education.