• After an analysis of the local population, its uses and customs, taking into account the general functioning of local NGOs, as well as after listening to its inhabitants, and making an exhaustive observation of their living conditions and considering the different factors that they affect them, we believe it is important to help the rural communities of the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat in their development, to protect the children of this area. To achieve this, the NGO Balanced World has designed, with and for the community, a series of lines of action to improve the quality of life of its children and guide and support NGOs that operate at the local level. We start from the concept of Community Development, whose main objective is to achieve social welfare, through an educational process aimed at achieving changes in vulnerable communities or with difficulties in the use of available resources, and which requires voluntary, responsible and active of the people that make up this community, guided by the intervention of specialized agents. This concept, it is necessary to connect it closely with another, innovation. Coinciding with the latest report of UNICEF (2015), on the State of the World’s Children:
    “Reimagining the future. Innovation for all children “, we believe it is necessary to take advantage of technological innovation for the development of the most disadvantaged communities, trying to produce a direct benefit in the situation of children. The intention is to bring innovation to places where it does not reach and take advantage of the opportunity that gives us aworld so connected, to link the solutions, with the places that need them or have problems. We promote the role of the community itself, aware of its difficulties, both in the diagnosis of needs, and in the development and use of innovative technologies, adapted to their reality and available resources, to solve or address those needs in a sustainable manner.
    We properly connect community development, with technological innovation and the empowerment of the population, we arrive at the starting point of the intervention we propose with the communities of Nusa Tenggara Barat. Starting from a rigorous diagnosis of risks and strengths of the population, we intend to focus the general objective of the intervention towards the strengthening of our own capacities, adjusting ourselves to the needs expressed by the population and guaranteeing coverage of the most basic needs. From total and absolute respect towards their own culture, in coordination and through agreement and collaboration with local NGOs, the training of the population through education is promoted as the most powerful weapon for personal and social improvement. The community has the power if it is capable of finding in itself how to face its own problems and become more resilient. Resilient individuals contribute to building resilient communities, prepared to overcome difficulties and emerge stronger fromthem. We are working to achieve a public or state commitment, at least in tasks of planning, evaluation, creation of services and logistical and financial support, even at a modest or initial level, which will help us achieve greater community development.