• The Serikat Mimpi Project is developed by the NGO Balanced World. It is a social project of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid that takes place in the Republic of Indonesia.

Four young people from different parts of Spain one day went to Indonesia to fulfill a dream: to help the most needy. Our roads crossed right in one of the more than 17,000 islands that make up the country, in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat. In that place we joined forces and collaborated with their people and local NGOs that were already working, to help them improve their quality of life. From that moment, we traveled to different very disadvantaged islands of Indonesia teaching English and literacy classes to the population, distributing medicines, holding health workshops to educate on prevention, distributing toiletries (soaps, toothbrushes …) , school and sports material, as well as financially and personally supporting small projects that were already working. Each of us, we carried the bags loaded with medicines and materials necessary for the development of ourwork, the four of us had raised funds in our places of origin among family and friends, which allowed us, for more than a year, to be helping many local families to cover their most basic needs. Since our return to Spain, we decided to join forces and work day by day together to provide the most disadvantaged children in Indonesia with an improvement in their living conditions, creating a project based on education and prevention as fundamental pillars of intervention , having as a clear objective the Human Development of the rural communities, with participative strategies of the local population and with the solidary support of interconnected people worldwide “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” Nelson Mandela. Since 2013, our team can carry out the activities it carries out thanks to its own self-financing and to the many people who collaborate with us in our Solidarity Tourism project, contributing directly to the reduction of poverty and the improvement of social care , educational and health of the local population.

  • MISSION Our main objective is to help children in the most vulnerable areas of Indonesia in their Human Development, seeking comprehensive community progress with prevention, empowerment and assistance measures in the educational, health, environmental and social fields.