The Micro-Solidarity Tourism Project of the NGO balanced World has as its main objective to promote and facilitate the solidarity participation of anyone who wants to contribute their journey to the achievement of the objectives of the project Mimpi, Developed on the island of Lombok, Indonesia.
NGO Balanced World becomes an intercultural mediator, so that travelers and travellers who want to help and are specialists in the area, can contribute their knowledge and help the NGO counterpart in the objective of improving the quality of life of the Local population. The contacts are established, the translation is made, the interested persons are informed and formed to facilitate their cooperation with the NGO counterpart and collaborates with the whole team in the organization of the activities.

Experience: Discover the fascinating culture of the country and the essence of its people, enjoying a unique landscape.
Enriching experience on a personal and professional level.
Experience in the field of international cooperation.
Integration into a working team and with other solidarity people from all over the world.
You will live a life-supportive experience that changes your way of looking at life.
You can enjoy at the same time: Sun, beach and surfing, characteristic of Indonesia.

What do we offer?
Information and advice in the preparation of the trip.
Coordination from the project.
Pick-up at the arrival airport.
Intermediation to arrange accommodation.
Didactic Material of training on the project and Indonesian language.
Certificate of Participation
The purpose of this activity is to raise funds through charitable donations that will allow us to continue working towards helping the most needy communities, while also sensitizing the traveler about our goals and the reason for being in Indonesia.
Our mission is solidarity, not tourism, so we can only welcome people with the spirit of learning, knowing the culture, sharing with others and living a unique experience in life, being able to be happy with very little.
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