• This line of action arises from the need to value and educate the population of the communities about the importance of education and promote widespread access to basic education. We train local agents, mediators between families and educational institutions, to process documentation to children who are outside the system.

  • In addition, we intend to strengthen the existing educational system, in terms of coverage, access and quality, from teacher training and implementation of flexible models to attract students to the educational system and promote active search for children. and girls who are outside the system. In this area, we work from innovation in the teaching and learning processes, promoting the training of the local population, including children, in the creation of alternative technologies, adjusted to their needs and resources. To do this, we guide the work from an international and multidisciplinary point of view, connecting experiences carried out in other parts of the world, to bring ideas together, generate new opportunities, and even motivate experts or international scientists to participate directly in the program. The aim is to promote an exchange of training and experience, which, in addition to bringing knowledge closer, helps to create, from this intercultural perspective, synergies and opportunities for mutual enrichment. It includes the performance of the following actions:
  • Evaluation of the training needs of the population.
  • Support to local schools Training actions for teachers to improve their pedagogical techniques and increase educational quality.
  • Formative literacy actions, aimed at the adult population and at school-age children. Training actions for teaching English and Spanish, aimed at children and adults. Educational actions on sexuality, reproduction and contraception, to the adolescent and adult population. Training actions for environmental education. Social mediation among children and educational institutions, to promote the inclusion of everyone in the system.