From the point of view of human progress, it is important to bear in mind that part of the progress corresponds to the personal and spiritual development of human beings. This aspect is not always possible to measure with various indices. For example, it is not always directly proportional to the level of human development of a country, which can be measured with the HDI. It is a different concept that includes various aspects such as well-being, personal fulfillment and a concept that becomes increasingly relevant, the vital significance.

 In this sense, these activities are intended not only to directly benefit the local villages, but also to help the personal growth of the aid sending communities and non-native collaborators. Through dialogue and cultural exchange, transnational cooperation, contact and learning are promoted, allowing cross-cutting values ​​to transcend geographical and cultural barriers, enriching both parties. Among the actions related to this area stand out.

Training workshops, on the part of the local population, towards foreign people who have offered help, on local traditional customs, on local gastronomy and elaboration of food, dances, children’s stories.

Cultural exchange actions, connecting children from different parts of the world, through the connection between educational centers, which promote the sending of letters written in English by students, improving language learning and creating links of support among them. Informal meetings have also been held between the supportive population that helps and the community, to promote a real knowledge of the needs, to sensitize the foreign population about a reality that is completely foreign to them and to motivate a culture of unity to overcome the difficulties .

Promotion of the participation of sustainable and supportive tourism in favor of community development.